Saturday, September 24, 2011

Closing the blog: starting a new life!

Hi all,
after a lot of inactivity, I decided to officially close the blog, the next week I will also resign from my current job and various collaborations, and shortly start a new life.

New country, new home, language to improve, new car, new collegues, new job responsabilities, MacOs to learn... so don't think to have time and the energy necessary to blog anymore.

I would like to thank all my readers and supporters, I hope to have entertained and puzzled them with my posts, I will keep up to date my profile only on Facebook and on LinkedIn.

best wishes
Marco  :-)


Ethereal Mind said...


There is some fantastic content here. I don't know if you are planning to delete it, or leave it here. But if you want to move it to Packet Pushers ( or give us permission to move it) please get in touch packetpushers -

Marco Rizzi said...

Thanks a lot Greg!
I will leave here the content, for the rest, will respond you in PVT.


jonesnco said...

Sorry to see you go. I enjoyed the posts. I have to second the suggestion to move/mirror the content on the Packet Pushers site.

Oliver said...

congratulations Marco! this news is great! Good luck, you deserve this new adventure!

Byas said...

The eagles do not fly in a flock, a good journey ... captain # 1


Shivlu Jain said...


are u going to start a new professional life ?

Tawfik Belmekki said...

Its nice to hear it not for closing the blog lol but its great news the fact that you are having a new everything, Good Luck Marco.


Anonymous said...

Just let us know and PM us if tou posted new article!


Madari Tal said...

Wish you all the best in your way!
your blog was something to follow, learn and admire.

Good luck!

cooksappe said...


lello said...

Ciao Marco,

Grazie mille per il tuo contributo, ho seguito intensamente il tuo percorso e sono contento per te di aver raggiunto il tuo obiettivo, CCIE e new life!
Spero tu possa lasciare il tuo blog nella rete, ci traggo molte informazioni e molti labs utili per il mio percorso formativo verso CCNP e much more!

Grazie ancora e a presto.