Tuesday, June 14, 2011

IP Telephony first steps with Packet Tracer

Hi all,

I'm so bored today... that I started moving my first steps into the magic wonders of IP Telephony! :-)

The only tool I have at the moment is the great Packet Tracer, as I'm a Networking Academy instructor and Alumni.

Well, I have to admit that I'm completely a newbie on IP Telephony, so like every CCNA, I started using Packet Tracer to simulate a simple multisite CME installation.

Here is the result:

You can download the Packet Tracer topology file Here, the topology is already configured and ready to play with.

The relevant topics I have learned with this small lab are:
-the use of option 150 in DHCP for IP Phones
-the basic dial peer configuration for multisite CME

Have fun


jkenn said...

can u help me please im CCna student..how can I call the office area from HR department what configs should i use...i have static routes..dont mind the CITHM and IT..it is not configure yet...thats my problem...how to call..because i can make call..HR department to Accounting..im a newbie here...thanks..

here's the link of my pkt file..
I make my 1st act because of ur blog tnx...very much !

Marco Rizzi said...

Sorry Jkenn, I cannot provide personalized solutions, I'm fully booked for a while :-)