Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Still alive

Hi all,
some of my readers mailed me or chatted to know if I still alive, well, thanks a lot, I'm actually breathing, but I was busy on various projects in the last 3 months.

I started developing CCIE R&S products for IPExpert Inc, I hope you will see my name listed on the IPExpert web site and my insane labs in their workbooks soon.
That's why I stopped posting labs on the blog, I was using all my fantasy resources for the workbook. (by the way... if you want to buy it... :-) )

Also I managed to collaborate with Europa Networking to deliver an Advanced Nexus Training.

Here's a shot:

It was also a nice opportunity to play a lot with a couple of Nexus platforms, the course was a good balance between theory and practice.
(...and if your organization has just acquired some Nexus platforms or you are planning to use the Nexus 1000V on your VMware infrastructure, take a look on the Europa Networking web site, you have good chances to have me as instructor).

Plans for the future:
-Deliver more and more NX-OS training on various locations worldwide
-Hopefully continue the collaboration with IPExpert
-Do some consulting-spots (1 or 2 weeks) in UK or in other english/german/spanish speaking country (any proposal?)



Byas said...

You are the living proof of what needs to be a CCIE, the continued search for a new ... next hop !!!

Oliver said...

you are so cool with the tie!!
congrats for the achievement!