Thursday, July 1, 2010

Packing list for vacations

Hi all, tomorrow I will start my vacations, 15 days of relaxing studies,
this is my packing list:

-Routing Tcp/IP vol.1 (to use on swimming pool side)
-QoS exam certification guide, 2nd ed. (to use on the beach)
-Laptop (hoping on an average wifi... maybe I can connect to the Lab, otherwise dynamips..)
-a blank notebook and 3 colored pencils (for funny L2/L3/BGP/IPv6 diagrams)
-yellow lan patch, 1 meter (can't stay without a RJ45 cable...)
-some giga of pdf books
-and a downloaded copy of the Configuration Guide chapters, release 12.4T


With this vacation I'll try to refresh the whole blueprint, gain more speed and knowledge on Qos, and hopefully have some fun with small labs (I guess I can't ask to my wife permission to do a full 8 hours mock on the pool side :-) )

Maybe I will find some time to document on the blog some lab, for example the nhrp one I did yesterday.

anyway, have a funny studying summer to all, I'll be back on jul 16.


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