Friday, July 23, 2010

button pressed

Yesterday I've pressed that button:

let the countdown begin...



Aaron said...

Nice. Good luck, Marco!

Da said...

good luck :)

Ayo Jegede said...

Marco Rizzi bring it home.

Marco Rizzi said...

Thanks guys,
I guess I did it only to have a concrete deadline in mind, to maintain motivation high on summer.
The first day I was into panic watching the countdown.. :-)

anyway, now I feel better :D
thanks to all for the encouraging comments!


Spawn said...

good luck Marco . Why did you choose Nov 30??


Marco Rizzi said...

sorry for delay Suraj...

why 30 nov? to be just in time to go back home and enjoy my first son's birth! :-)

( someone has a deadline... I have a birthline :-)))

Manish Salaria said...

Hello Marco..

I would like to wish you all the best for the LAB Exam..Pass it in your first attempt..!!

Manish Salaria