Saturday, June 5, 2010

Weekend Lab vol.3

woops? another week ended?
woah! time for a new Weekend Lab!

here it is, always using the INE topology, without initial configs:

This time I'll practice some security topics studied during the week:
-on R1 use CBAC to protect the inside ospf domain from the outside vlan 1256
-on R2 use reflexive acls to do the same as R1
-on R6 use ZBF, with 3 zones: outside1 on vlan 1256, outside2 on FR to BB1 and INSIDE on FR to R4
-it would be nice to use FLEX packet matching on R4 (altrough I couldn't find a PHDF file... any directions about this?)
-it would be nice to have the rip domains converging each other via multicast using v1 advertisement :-)
-you can't create any tunnel interface on R3
-in the bgp section, all traffic between as 54 and 254 must transit on vlan 1256

As usual this is a full dual stack lab, but you can try NAT-PT when required.

I Hope you will have fun during this we!


Luca Gervasi said...

Hallo Marco.

sorry for the stupid question you have all this hardware? Do you use online booked labs? Do you use Emulators/Simulators?

I'd like to practice a little on labs like that (for ccnp).

Thanks :)

Marco Rizzi said...

The most important thing is to have at least 4 switches, then you can use dynamips for the routers, see here simple instructions about how to use real switches with dynamips.
For CCNP labs, in my opinion, you need switches only for SWITCH/BCMSN exam, all the other topics can be covered using dynamips.
As suggestion, at least 4 GB RAM and a dual or quad core is the basic setup, better with linux to improve performances.

feel free to contact me offline if you want more tips/suggestions


( marco[dot]rizzi[dot]com[at]gmail[dot]com )