Friday, May 28, 2010

Weekend Lab Vol.2

Hi all,
after an intensive studying and working week, what's best than relaxing with a full weekend lab?

Here is my Weekend Lab Vol.2, as usual based on INE world famous topology and without any initial configuration (for BBs you can use INE initial config).

This lab is mpls based, with a confusing design:

L2-L3 topology:



-create L3 vpns between customer sites (=all non mpls enabled devices) but don't allow rip and eigrp sites to communicate directly
-let say that SW3 and SW4 have central services in common for all sites, the existing and the future ones
-let SW1-SW2 exchange intra-area routes even the portchannel12 is down (oh, by the way... all portchannels aren't directly connected :-) )
-regarding BGP, AS 65123 and AS 65456 are confederation members of the AS 100
-last but not least, this is as usual a full dual stack lab, EVERY feature/behavior on IPv4 have to be if possible identical on IPv6.

have fun and keep your device's fans running :-)

PS: side notes on this lab:
-you will need very updated IOS images on routers, to support 6VPE (address-family ipv6 under VRFs)
-you need an updated IOS on switches too, to use IPv6 address-family under BGP.
-you have to modify a little bit the INE BBs configuration, at least to add ipv6 address-family on bgp
-last note: the bgp configuration part will be soooo looong (ipv4/6 af, vpnv4/6 af, ipv4/6 vrfs af....)

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