Saturday, May 15, 2010

Weekend Lab Vol.1

Hi all, this weekend I want to share my homeworks with all my readers...
so, this is the insane lab I have in progress now, the physical cabling is the world famous Internetwork Expert topology (See here..) without the BBs:
L3 logical topology:

IGP diagram:

BGP peering:

I don't provide any initial config, but some of requirements that buzzing in my head are:
-spanning tree MST with 2 instances
-use the other inter-switch links as L2 trunk with etherchannel
-use an addressing scheme with 3 separate RFC1918 major networks, one for the inter-switch portchannels, one for the vlans, the other for the serial links.
-the full lab has to be completely dual stack, so IPv4 and IPv6 routing is required
-the ipv6 addresses have to recall the v4 address when possible (eg: 2001:192:168:12::1/64 )

for IGPs and BGP use the most fine-tuned configurations, including authentication, the most correct network-types... and everything you want to test on redistribution and bgp.

At the end, just divide the topology in two portions, upper and lower, and play with multicast using different RPs and placing boundaries.

have fun on it! :-)


YY said...

Hi Marco,
It is a really exciting Rack Time.
Did you buy the CCIE Self-study package or BootCamp?

Marco Rizzi said...

Hey YY!
nice to hear from you again!

Not yet, I haven't scheduled a bootcamp, maybe between october and november, when I feel more ready :-)


BlackJackiv2008 said...

I left CCIP-BGP and MPLS, after that will slow down a while.

I have planned early 2011 to start on CCIE Exam. Do you use Dynamips for the lab?

Marco Rizzi said...

Hi BlackJackiv,

wellcome on the wannabe CCIE blogsphere :-)

Dynamips is not always the top for the ccie preparation, but is nice and useful.
Real switches are a big plus, even the old 3550s...

My suggestion is to keep studying, or you will start forgetting things :-)

have fun