Thursday, February 4, 2010

WCS server: a great management tool for WLCs

Hi all,

finally today I've found the time to play with our new WCS server, freshly installed on a Win2003 virtual machine.

I have the WCS version with base feature set and 500 AP limit.

The first impression really positive, this tool looks like extremely useful to manage configuration changes across multiple wireless lan controllers and for multiple Lightweight Access Points.
In addition, the monitoring and reporting features are great to view performance issues and user activities.

I haven't already imported an autocad map, to map the access-point placement into the various buildings, but that will be the next week fun.

Here some screenshots of the home page, just to view the first impact when I opened the web interface today:

well, in my opinion, this is a great management tool, Cisco has done a good job here!


PS: thanks to Gian Paolo that has sent me the link for the WCS Online Learning Modules

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