Monday, January 11, 2010

Frame Relay, last call

Hi all,

I realized that I have to speed up a lot my lab preparation to fit my calendarized intentions.... so here is one of the topology that I realized to play with FR.

No time to describe it too much, but just figure out what you can do with this one ;-)
You can do it with GNS3 or with phisical routers, the main difficult thing here was for me to configure the frame-relay switches correctly. I was puzzled a half day looking for active/inactive dlcis ;-(

Topics studied but not well understood: -end to end keepalives on FR dlci or on FR interface... how to recover from a "DOWN"? shut/no shut of the interface doesn't appear smart... ;-)

Now I'll write a little less on my blog, and try to study really more !

Next topic: switching


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