Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Back to office: New Fw ... new platform to learn!

Hi all, after an intense study-week today I'm back to office with a "preliminary score report" in my hand (... and can't say nothing about it until confirmed ;-) ).

Anyway, after a strong Cisco exam, and the CCNA CCAI Instructor Course, I was a bit surprised when I see the new firewall waiting on my desk at office.... It's a new Ju(hemhemmmm) a new Juniper SRX-650 !!

the nice thing is that I feel like a ccna using junos, I have to learn cli commands from basics again ! ;-)

Well doesn't matter, here the shots :

Well, this week I'll prepare some general fw policies, next week I'll follow the new Wism and Wcs Server installation, then, after Holydays will be the turn of this firewall.....

Stay tuned!

Marco ;-)


ccie15672 said...

Nice box! The SRX-650 IMHO is Juniper's offering against the lower-end ASRs..

There are some excellent features on this box...

Marco Rizzi said...

ehehe thanks! I've just started the online course "Junos as a second language" ;-)

I'm a little bit scared about that cli, but hopefully in a couple of weeks I'll feel better ;-)