Thursday, July 24, 2008

A little presentation...

Ok, First post on this new blog, not much to say about me... i created this TECH blog only for:
  • improve my written (poor) english (if you find mistakes and correct me... i'll appreciate!)
  • write about my technology world and (mis)configurations of Cisco various equips
nothing more...

about me, what can i say?
I work as Network Administrator, and actually i'm studying for CCNP certification... i have already passed BCMSN and ONT exams, and actually preparing BSCI, scheduled for aug 5th (2008) ;-)

Today's (tech) activities (i'm on vacations):
  • Studied a bit BSCI... 2-3 hours
  • Played with an old Satellite Router (Skystream Networks EMR-5010) (not much useful game...)
  • disassembled a damn' Pix 506E that not start... maybe a power supply failure, ok on cisco tech support -> hardware -> pix they say "if no led blinks, check power supply, try with another one" ... Lol! now i'll try with one of my 1000 pix power supplys ;-(
  • watched the online event "CCNP TV: Implementing Multicast Forwarding" in Cisco Learning Network... it was a great refresh of Rocco Tessicini's lessons.... (more posts about him will follow... stay tuned ;-) )
  • installed GNS3 router emulator ( ), to learn more about Frame Relay and ATM environments (not available on my real routers lab)
  • Now working on... new IPv6 topology to learn!

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